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We are experts in small and big roof installation applying roofing membranes on commercial buildings, public buildings, dwellings and one-family houses – new buildings as well as renovation of existing roofs including additional insulation, domes and other kinds of roof lights – and of course a strong and problem free roof for many years. If the building owner has a large roof or many roofs we recommend a maintenance agreement.

Palm Beach Roofing Company offer special solutions such as triangular fillets roofs, green roofs and roofing solutions with membranes with an aluminium or cupper surface. Other specialized areas of competence are: membrane water sealing of bridges, terraces, cellars, tunnels, concrete decks such as parking decks.

We have local contracting centres and are offering you a free of charge roofing inspection of your roofing felt roof. Our quality control system is your guarantee of a tight roof. All our roofing contractors are educated and trained in roof installation techniques.

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